Homeopathy management for worm infestation in children

What are Worm Infestations?

Children often complain of stomach ache. One of the leading causes of stomach ache in children is intestinal infection which is mostly caused by intestinal parasites such as worms. Worms tend to live in the intestine and feed off your child’s nutrition. There are different types of intestinal worms that can cause worm infections, but the most common are tapeworms, hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenale), roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides), pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) and threadworms. Worm infestations and related infections are common in children.


Some common symptoms of worm infections are irritability, weight loss, stomach ache, bed wetting, blood in stools. Besides these, each worm infection has distinct symptoms as listed below:

  • Tapeworm infection: Jaundice, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, eating too frequently and sometimes even malnutrition
  • Roundworm infection: Diarrhea, passing worms with stools, dry cough, fever
  • Pinworm infection: Itching around the anus, trouble sleeping due to itching, painful urination
  • Hookworm infection: Wheezing, coughing, fatigue, anemia


As children are quite dynamic and active, they tend to come in contact with germs easily.  Some of the causes of worm infections include:

  • Coming in contact with an infected surface such as soil containing eggs or germs at a playground or touching pets infected with worms
  • Consuming infected food or water
  • Improper hygiene
  • Inadequate hand washing


To diagnose a worm infection, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination and discuss the symptoms in detail so that can identify the type of worm infection that is affecting the child.

Homeopathic management

Homeopathy is a safe and reliable mode of treatment of worm infestations. These medicines strengthen the infection fighting mechanism of the body to eradicate the disease. Homeopathic medicines for worms not only eradicate the worms, but also help improve the overall health condition of the individual. Homeopathic medicines are natural and non-toxic remedies with zero side effects and therefore, most suitable for children.

Homeopathic medicines


For the patient who is irritable, crabby, has a wiped-out pale face with circles under the eyes, grinds the teeth around evening time, and has convulsions. There is canine appetite or variable hunger. The kid picks his nose and shouts out in his sleep. They tend to twitch their hands and feet and have milky urine. A detectable symptom is a pale blue shading around the mouth.


Santonine is another effective remedy for round and pin worms. It should be tried when Cina fails. There is itching in nose, restless sleep and twitching of muscles.


Homeopathic medicine for pinworms and round worms in the child. These worms create disturbance in the rectum. Tingling and tickling in the nose is an important symptom. Anal itching and vaginal itching also present.


Spigelia is another effective remedy for worm complaints with severe abdominal pain. There is colicky, cramping pain center around the umbilicus. Nausea may also accompany with the pain. Convulsions from worms. There is strabismus, jerking with paleness of the face and blue rings around the eyes.


It is effective where the kid is highly energized and has tickling and itching at the butt.


Terebinth is effective for round and tape worms. There is burning and creeping sensation in anus as if worms are creeping out.


Effective homeopathic medicine for worms in a child facing symptoms including pale indented face and eyes encircled by blue rings, Sluggish smell, unpleasing odour, bad breath, and inactive fever. Stannum is very helpful in this case. Stannum so stuns the worms that they are easily dislodged by laxatives.


Use this very effective homeopathic medicine calcarea for those children who want to get rid of ringworms as it kills them and they pass through the stool.

Sinapis nigra

Sinapis nigra is another effective remedy for pin worms.

Cuprum oxidatum nig

Cuprum oxidatum nig expels all types of worms including tape worms and trichinella.

Filix mas

Filix mas is an excellent remedy for expulsion of tape worms with constipation.

Cucurbita pepo

Curcurbita pepo is an effective remedy for the expulsion of tape worms.

Mercurius sol

Merc sol is best for worm troubles with grinding of teeth during sleep. There is profuse salivation from the mouth.


Abrotanum is the best remedy for round worms. The Abrotanum child is ill-humoured and irritable. Marked emaciation also seen in Abrotanum child.

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