HomeKit Homeopathy Solution

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Our Homeopathic HomeKit Solution is aiming at holistic treatment on acute occurrence of disease. Patient shall have immediate soothing relief from pain. Before purchasing, please obtain medical advise and usage advise from certified homeopaths at Sofea Homeopathy Centre. They are ready to assist you!

Please note that each of Buy Now button shall lead you to whatsapp to communicate with them. Stay safe!

1. Family Kit Homeopathic Medicine Malaysia

1. Family Kit
for 2 Adult, 2 Children


2. Endemic Immune Care Homeopathy Homeopathic Malaysia

2. Endemic Immune Homeopathy Care


3. First Aid Homeopathy Homeopathic Malaysia

3. First Aid
Homeopathy Care


4. Demam Virus Homeopathy Homeopathic Malaysia

4. Demam Virus Homeopathy Care


5. VaxCare Vaksin Homeopathy Homeopathic Malaysia

5. VaxCare Vaksin Homeopathy Care

6. Covid19 Care Homeopathy Homeopathic Malaysia

6. C19 (Covid19) Homeopathy Care