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SHC have been operating since 2017. We have been helping hundreds of patients recover from their illness with gentle care, rapid recovery and permanent cure which increase quality of life and that is SHC virtues.

Founder's Words

Goals of the Homeopathic Approach

The Homeopath’s Role as “Detective”
It has been said that the work of the homeopath is to observe the patient, process and reflect on the gathered information, and then determine the underlying disturbance. This process can be thought of as a mystery, wherein the homeopathic “detective” attempts to discover where the flow of energy in the body has been blocked or impeded. Each signal/symptom offered by the patient can be thought of as a clue to determine the correct remedy. The patient’s eye contact, body posture, breathing patterns, voice quality, and expressions are also noted as potential clues. Next, the data must be reconstructed, as it might be in a mystery novel or movie.

When all of the information about the patient’s physical, mental and emotional symptoms has been documented, then the final search for the answer begins. Unlike a detective — or medical physician for that matter — the homeopath’s goal is not only to remove the symptoms, but also to eliminate the essential causal problem by stimulating the body’s natural curative powers. This is the reason for obtaining such a detailed analysis of the patient.

The Homeopathic Treatment
The goal of the homeopathic treatment is to encourage the body to return to a natural state of balance and health. Like the missing pieces of a puzzle, homeopathic medicines help “fill-in” the gaps in the body to stimulate a person’s own healing potential and energies. When this occurs, the person will have access to the body’s natural strength and wisdom, so that more conventional medicines and chemical-based substances may not be needed.


Sofea Homeopathy Center is run by a qualified homeopath.

  • SHC is incorporated in 2017 and run by a graduate from University of Cyberjaya, first homeopathy university in Southeast Asian region.
  • Homeopath Sofea has graduated in 2017 with Gold Medal award by Malaysia Homeopathy Medical Council.
  • Her brilliance and strong belief in homeopathy has given her the opportunity to heal patients across Malaysia. Her strong belief that is extremely important to understand each individual patient, so the treatment begins with one to one medical counselling session with Homeopath Sofea!

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  • Homeopathy Center at UoC, Cyberjaya

  • Homeopathy Center SOL at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

  • Homeopathy Center at Cheras under supervision of Dr Low Boon Siow

  • Homeopathy Center at Tampin under supervision of Senior Homeopath Yaacob

  • Homeopathy Center at Subang Jaya under supervision of Dr Avanish Shukla at Global Homeopathic Center

  • Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute (MLDMHI) at Palghar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Member of Persatuan Perubatan Homeopati Bumiputera Malaysia

  • Member of Majlis Perubatan Homeopati Malaysia (MPHM)

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