Sofea Homeopathy Center

A graduate from University of Cyberjaya, first homeopathy university in Southeast Asian region. She graduated in 2017 with Gold Medal award by Malaysia Homeopathy Medical Council. Her brilliance and strong belief in homeopathy has given her the opportunity to heal patients across Malaysia. Her strong belief that it is extremely important to understand each individual patient, so the treatment begins with one to one medical counselling session with Homeopath Sofea!

Homeopathic treatment for tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow also referred to as Lateral Epicondylitis is a painful musculoskeletal condition involving tendons in the  elbow. Tendons are the connective tissues that attach the forearm muscles to the outside of the muscle. Due to repetitive actions and over usage, people face tiny tears in tendons. The tendons and muscles in the elbow become …

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Homeopathy management on ankylosing spondylosis

Ankylosing spondylitis is also known as Marie-Strumpell disease or Bechterew’s disease. It’s a form of inflammatory arthritis that primarily affects your spine. After several years, the bones in the spine, called vertebrae, may fuse together. When this happens, the spine becomes stiff and less flexible. Ankylosis: joints fuse together and become unmovable Spondylitis: inflammation involving …

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Homeopati Menangani Gejala Kehamilan

Kehamilan adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk menerangkan keadaan sepanjang tempoh janin berkembang di dalam rahim atau uterus wanita. Kehamilan biasanya berlangsung sekitar 40 minggu, atau lebih dari 9 bulan, iaitu diukur dari tempoh haid terakhir sehingga kelahiran. Tanda-tanda Awal Yang Paling Biasa dan Gejala yang wujud Semasa Kehamilan. Terlepas haid: Setelah pelekatan janin berlaku; badan …

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Homeopathic treatment for heel pain

Heel pain usually affects the underside or back of your heel. Although heel pain is rarely a symptom of a serious condition, it can interfere with your normal activities, particularly exercise. Causes Common causes include: Plantar fasciitis: Inflammation of the plantar fascia: The plantar fascia is a strong bowstring-like ligament that runs from the calcaneum …

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