Homeopathy for exam stress

Students everywhere suffer stress to some degree before and during exams. The pressure and anxiety of upcoming exams, long hours of study and anticipation of what the future might hold, are all stress factors that can affect our well-being.

Reasons behind exam stress

  1. Preparation in not adequate
  2. Pressure from peer and family
  3. Irrational or vague beliefs
  4. Fear of failing

Symptoms of exam stress

The anxiety can be accompanied by symptoms such as headaches, diarrhea, nausea, digestive complaints, sleepless nights, difficulties concentrating and appetite changes. Emotionally, confidence and self-esteem issues may become more pronounced with fears of failing or overly high expectations. Some people withdraw while others may overuse stimulants to help them cope.

Homeopathic management

A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy matched to the individual may help with the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of stress by triggering the body’s ability to self-heal.

Homeopathic remedies

Here are a few homeopathic remedies to help the individual to manage exam stress.

Argentum Nitricum

Total nervous dread would sum up these individuals. Mental exhaustion with a sense of hurry and pressure. confusion and loss of mental control; under stress. Dreads exams with a fear of failing, of something going wrong. They can have irrational fears. Fearful and anxious states which can be sometimes accompanied by diarrhea.


People needing this remedy suffer from anticipation before the event. As the exam date gets closer, they can literally become paralyzed by fear. They have a dread of ordeals, exams and new situations. Helpful for acute anxiety with an exhausted heavy feeling with a mental dullness they may tremble, stutter and literally go blank in the exam. Over excitement causes illness either emotional or physical.


People needing lycopodium again feel nervous leading up to the exams, they are anxious and worried that they will fail or not do well. This is because their confidence is low and they have a dread of new situations. They tend to feel this anxiety in their stomach and suffer from digestive disturbances.  They tend to prepare well for exams because they feel they will not perform well and despite their doubts generally do very well on the day.


Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. Fear of examinations with lack of confidence.

Kali Phos

It acts as a nerve nutrient for mental and physical despair from excitement, overwork or worry. Headache, weakness and exhaustion in students worn out by fatigue. Humming & buzzing in the ears. Weak sight. This is an excellent nerve tonic to use regularly during times of stress such as exams and performance. Include other remedies as indicated.

Arsenic album

The person suffers restless anxiety, apprehension and a sense of dread. It suits high achievers who may become overly fussy and fastidious. Their sleep becomes affected and they tend to wake between 12 am and 2 am with tummy upset and anxiety. A runny tummy before the event often accompanies the symptoms.


Indicated for difficulty concentrating and poor memory in teens who lack physical and mental stamina, they fear failure and being overwhelmed by too much work. Diligent and detail oriented.


It is for acute anxiety, agitation and restlessness before an event like exams or giving a presentation.

Aethusa Cynapium

The person needing Aethusa is afraid they will forget what they know. Their mind goes blank during the exam, despite revising hard for it, and they have the incapacity to think. They may also feel restless. This remedy particularly suits those who love animals.

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